My new tech beginning

Here I go! My first blog ever, this is exciting. A learning process that I will be using as a teaching technique when I start teaching in a classroom. right now I’m at a….I guess you can say, in the kindergarten stage, learning day by day. but eventually will learn each level.

Learning project I am not quite certain of, but leaning towards yoga.



final post :)

final posting for this class, twitting and blogging, I twitted and blogged a few times but not commenting on any of my classmates, because I’m more like “keep it to yourself “kind of person. have read very talented people on what they have shared, you guys a brave and I am glad to have met you, although it was like i am the student who sits at the back seat and hope she does not get noticed, yup the kind of person who is afraid to ask for advice and ask questions. Need to get out of #comfortzone.

Have a great summer! 

Attempt to start my project today:)

I know it won’t be easy, hand sewing that is with my left hand slightly numb, i’m ready to challenge myself, and i think it will be fun. OMG got to buy material first too. what I have in mind already is to make a skirt that represents Red Earth Cree Nation’slogo, I can’t wait t get started, n the side I’m going to make a baby bonnet.swh271.wordpress.cm

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ninanuskomaw kimuntininow anooch kakiskak!

Learning Project Changed

swhead271Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This morning i have decided to change my project to make skirts, hand stitching them. It will be more like traditional skirts. Skirts that are wore in traditional ceremonies. I will start with making one toddler traditional skirt, move on with youth and then if time permits make one for an adult. I think this will make a good project for me because I never made one before. so wish me luck!